Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate course to build an online business. The site has been going for over 10 years and has over 800,000 members. They offer almost complete access to their premium course for free for 7 days and they have a free forever plan with fewer, but still significant benefits. The full course takes you step by step from having nothing to being the owner of a complete, profitable online business. Many have asked the question “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?” The cost of the full course can be considered quite expensive for some. However, there is no credit card required to get access to either the free 7-day trial or the free forever program. Is it worth it?

First 7 days – Module 1

The course is very well laid out into bite-sized lessons that are each broken down into 3-5 tasks with satisfying check boxes. The 7-day trial offers complete access to the first module of this course, focusing on setting up a website.

It’s the content of the first module is all designed around setting up a website. It can be quite a low level, but even as an experienced website designer I found the course engaging. The course presenter, Kyle, explains things simply without being patronizing and in a way that people of all levels of experience will gain something.

If you have no experience of this kind of thing, the Wealthy Affiliate course will guide you step by step in setting up your first website in less than a week. If you already know what you’re doing, you’re still likely to learn something from Kyle who has over 10 years experience in this field.

You don’t even need to pay for dedicated web hosting as Wealthy Affiliate provide it with all their courses – yes even the free one!! They will also allow you to create a free sub domain of their complete web hosting platform SiteRubix, yourwebsite.siterubix.com, to practice on.

Beyond 7 days – Other Benefits

If after the 7-day trial, you’re still not convinced, you can still remain as a regular member of Wealthy Affiliate. As a regular member, you get access to their affiliate boot camp course – a different affiliate marketing course. You can also access the SiteRubix site builder platform along with up to two subdomains along with free hosting.

There are other tools available to free Wealthy Affiliate members, such as 30 keyword searches per month. This is a very helpful tool to

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? Well, in my opinion, the premium package is certainly worth it, and I will post a review for it soon. However, the free package costs nothing other than the time required to go through the materials. To summarize, with a free Wealthy Affiliate membership you get:

  • Free 7 day access to the first module of the complete online business builder training
  • Lifetime access to two free .siterubix.com websites, including hosting
  • Lifetime access to the boot camp affiliate marketing course
  • Other benefits
  • No credit card required

There’s literally no drawback to signing up. What have you got to lose?  

Sign up now!

It’s an opportunity that’s too good to miss and it’s without question worth the time required!